CEO vs. President

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In Corporate Sector, the main difference between the CEO and president of the company is the authority and the position. CEO is the highest post of the company and the president works directly below him. CEO is responsible for the visualization of new ideas and strategies while the president is responsible for changing these visuals and ideas into reality.

To run an effective company, one requires great leaders who can set an example for others. The administration is the person who does that, and among them, the top representatives of an association are the CEO and president.

Difference Between CEO and President

The connection between CEO and president will change depending upon the construction of the organizations. The president’s job is approximately characterized, and the powers of the president mostly depend upon and change in different organizations or companies. While the CEO of the company is not much bound by the company’s policies because, in most cases, the policies are made by the CEO of the company himself.

The success achieved by the association is the method for estimating the CEO’s work and efforts. Then again, the company’s presentation will be the result of the president’s work that he has placed into it.

What is a CEO?

CEO vs. President

CEO stands for the chief executive officer. The CEO is the most elevated positioning leader at some organizations and their fundamental obligations incorporate dealing with managing and operations, making major decisions, being the main contact between the board of directors and corporate tasks, and being the public substance of the company.

Advantages of the CEO

  • CEO is the highest post of the company and subsequently, acquires the most significant compensation in the company.
  • CEO has the freedom to decide the schedule and strategies of the organizations
  • It is a respectable post in the company as well as in society. They can communicate better in society.
  • They play an important role in society as they can provide opportunities to the needy and talented people.
  • The CEO is also responsible for creating harmony between the staff members through teamwork and other team-building activities.

Disadvantages of CEO

  • CEO has to face adverse pressure and also criticism if something goes wrong in the company. Customers or employees may give negative comments when the situations are not in the favor of the company.
  • A ton of paperwork is always there for the CEO as he is also responsible for hiring the new individuals.
  • Because of the responsibility of various operations of the company CEO always face the difficulty of tight schedules and busy routines.
  • There is much chance for the CEO of the company to undergo stress and anxiety because of the huge working load.

What is a President?

CEO vs. President

In certain companies and associations, the president is the head of the organizations; however, in the corporate world, the president is often considered as the crucial part of the overall company instead of the leader of the whole company.

In certain companies, the president is likewise the CEO. Meanwhile, in small companies, the president may likewise be the proprietor of the organization. In a company or organization where a CEO is now in control, the president is the second in order.

Advantages of President

  • President is responsible for converting the visuals, concepts, and ideas of the CEO into reality.
  • He also has the authority to hire or fire the individual under himself.
  • In some companies president also enjoys the reputation of the CEO of the company and holds more power.
  • In most cases, he is answerable to only a few people for his actions.
  • He also enjoys a healthy salary package and other advantages

Disadvantages of President

  • There are always certain limits to the power of the president due to the different policies of the company.
  • He has to undergo pressure and stress because of different circumstances in the company.
  • Responsible for the good or bad performance of the workers under him and also has to personally train them.
  • He is obliged to maintain the good reputation of the company and also has to develop strategies to overcome the difficulties.

Comparison Chart between CEO and President

Basis for comparison CEO President
Definition CEO stands for the chief executive officer. He is responsible for giving the vision and direction to the company. President irresponsible for managing and changing the visions into reality.
Position He is considered the highest-ranking executive in the company. The President of the company is directly below the CEO of the company.
Function The functions of the CEO include

vision and technique

day to day activities

executing the system

The function of the president include

Vision and technique

Day to day activities

Accounting management

Report to CEO is answerable to the boards of directors. President is answerable to the CEO and board of directors.
Other roles CEO may also work as

Chairman of the board of the directors


President may work as often as the COO.
Direct subordinates They subordinate other chief executives such as





And president.

They subordinate other chief officers including




Top managers

And the vice president.

Orientation The public essence of the company

Long term

Big decisions making

Arranged more toward the company


Short transitional

Small decisions

Corporate duties The duties of the CEO include

Reports to investors

Create long term plans

Interact with local communities

The duties of the president include

Change the vision into reality



The CEO and president both play a functional role in the progress and development of the company. The progress of the company is directly linked to the strong will and abilities of the CEO and president. The difference between the CEO and president is quite clear in large firms and companies however in small companies it is convincible for them to hire one individual for both posts. These jobs could be different as far as specialized topic, center, information, vision, range of abilities, view and so. But the main purpose of president and CEO roles is the association’s prosperity and development.