Course Hero vs. Chegg – Major Differences

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Course Hero vs. Chegg – Many students use Chegg and Course Hero and similar online learning platforms to get help with online tutoring, textbook rentals, e-books, homework help, study guides, and overall academic support.

Students can find research materials on Chegg and Course Hero on any subject or topic they are uncertain about. However, subscriptions are needed for advanced features.

Major Differences Between Course Hero and Chegg

There are the following differences between them: These programs are different on various bases, including basics, resources, tutoring methods, pricing, and popularity.

People choose between them depending upon their needs and availability. Course Hero and Chegg offer different programs to help the students in their studies.

What is Course Hero?

Course Hero vs. Chegg

Course Hero is an American education technology start-up offering students course-specific study resources (homework, essays, and tests). It also allows you to form study groups to share files and exchange ideas. Course Hero is an online forum where you can post the old school work you’ve done and see the old school work of your peers nationwide.

These websites also promote social development. Joining a study group will allow you to meet students present in your class you might not otherwise know. Studying can be done through the Internet, or a physical table and chairs can be provided on campus. Through Course Hero, you can connect with others you can help and help you.


  • Their refund policy is considerable.
  • It provides flexible working hours.
  • They upgrade their content regularly.
  • Course Hero also offers free registration with training.
  • Anyone interested in the discussion can share the answers.


  • It takes about 2-3 hours to post answers.
  • Their customer service is not good.
  • They do not provide detailed guidance.

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What is Chegg?

Course Hero vs. Chegg

Chegg is an online education platform created by Carlson, Osman Rashid, and Ayush in 2005. This platform began with a focus on renting, buying, and selling textbooks and offers tuition, scholarships, and homework help.

Chegg began renting textbooks, but today it is a mentorship company. It allows both mentors and students to use the platform. If you have trouble understanding any topic, you can find detailed explanations and more than 22,000 solutions online.

With the help of this free program, users can access more than 500 million cards to help them prepare for the main test. Chegg Prep is an iOS and Android app, a web service. According to Chegg, this platform stands out for its performance measurement and test preparation.


  • It is famous for providing the most reliable resources.
  • Chegg provides their instructors flexible hours for a good hourly rate.
  • New subscribers can get a free trial of almost thirty minutes.
  • It keeps the record of sessions for help in the future.
  • You are free to cancel your subscription whenever you want.


  • Their customer service is questionable.
  • They are not good at providing good tutor service.
  • Their testing programs are not reliable for different students.

Key Differences Between Course Hero and Chegg

There are the following key differences present between Course Hero and Chegg:

  • Chegg requires you to pay individually for textbook solution features, whereas Course Hero offers free a la carte tutoring or other elements for a monthly fee.
  • Chegg offers solutions based on 9,000 textbooks plus millions of homework answers created by Chegg experts, whereas Course Hero offers millions of user-created course materials.
  • There are subject and textbook guides available on Course Hero, while Chegg offers solutions for textbook problems and answers to questions from students and enthusiasts.
  • Chegg does not offer practice problems, whereas Course Hero provides them to help you upload study documents.

Comparison Chart Between Course Hero and Chegg

Basis for comparison Course Hero Chegg
Tutor’s availability The user of Course Hero has access to expert tutor assistance 24/7. The question can be asked in your study area, and you will receive a response within 15 minutes by email. Chegg, however, has online tutors who are always available. All you need to do is type in the question you have trouble understanding, and the tutor will give you the solution you need.
Free services The user can find their questions for free with Course Hero. It has a free access feature that is useful in helping the user receive free unlocking at no cost. Chegg offers various features that allow users to get answers for free. You can start with a free trial version that runs for four weeks.
Resources Course Hero offers you unique resources when you want to boost your knowledge. For instance, it provides 20 million study resources. Students can access thousands of textbooks through Chegg in almost all subject areas. These resources can help users gain the necessary knowledge to pass exams.
Exam preparation feature It provides the best and free programs for the students to test their abilities by their testing system. On the other hand, Chegg lacks such features, including practice tests and preparation for exams. But Chegg offers an alternative program named math solver.
Pricing If you have a tight budget, Course Hero can provide you affordable monthly program. Chegg is considered expensive compared to Course Hero due to its unique features.
Popularity and rating Course Hero is considered more popular due to its pricing range and good testing programs. Chegg is also popular, but some of its features limit it to specific types of customers.

The key difference between Course Hero and Chegg


Since Course Hero provides practice answers, it stands out as a better learning tool than Chegg. Specifically, it has a large database of replies submitted by users. Students and tutors who want a platform that can benefit them with knowledge extracted from different sources and books can take advantage of the Course Hero.

However, if we consider the tutoring, Chegg proves better than Course Hero. Chegg is regarded as the best and leading platform for providing the best tutoring programs to its users. In other words, both these programs are equally helpful for the people, and people can use them according to their needs and budget.


Can a person get course materials on both platforms?

Yes, but there is a difference in the kinds of resources available between Course Hero and Chegg.

Do I have to pay subscription fees for Course Hero or Chegg?

In order to access premium features and content, you can subscribe to either platform. The pricing structures may vary depending on the services you choose.

Which one is better for textbook rentals?

Course Hero does not offer textbook rental service while it has been said that Chegg has an extensive collection of textbooks at competitive prices for rent or purchase.

Are there specific homework solutions provided by Course Hero and Chegg?

Chegg’s Homework Help service provides step-by-step solutions to problems in different subjects areas whereas Course Hero allows students to ask questions and receive answers from other users who have already done them.

Does online tutoring assistance come with Course Hero or Chegg?

Chegg offers online tutoring where students connect with tutors who help them individually in different subjects while using their personal computers. However, Course hero does not provide this kind of service as part of their package deal.

How do they handle plagiarism concerns at Course Hero and Chegg?

Both platforms have measures in place designed specifically for preventing plagiarism within their user-generated content. Users are advised to cite sources properly when using materials from these sites.

Which platform has more users sharing study resources?

Course Hero is widely known among students as having lots of uploaded study materials shared by many members which make it easy for learners to find what they need related directly with their courses taken; However, Chegg also boasts quite a number of people who contribute study materials into the site’s database thus creating a larger community based on sharing educational resources

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