Netflix vs. Amazon Prime: What’s the Difference

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Netflix and Amazon Prime are entertaining platforms that refer to various entertainment videos. Netflix subscription is compulsory, while Amazon Prime is free for members. Both provide users with a vast collection of content video streaming. This content is related to entertainment.

Main Difference

Both Platforms include movies, dramas, shows, news, theatres, and many more things for entertainment. Moreover, Netflix and Amazon Prime are worldwide marketplaces that exist at number one and number in rank. Both platforms are easy to access for users. Let us thoroughly understand the main differences between Netflix and Amazon Prime.

What is Netflix?


Netflix is an entertaining tool for users. It refers to a wide range of fun materials. It is not free of cost and does not have a free trial feature. If you want to use it cheaply, you can get a link from your friends. The low price of Netflix is introductory, with ads requiring monthly dollars. There are four chart plans for Netflix’s price.

Moreover, It provides users with the latest movies, dramas, TV shows, and other entertaining materials. Users can get this content in their languages because it dubbed the films and shows in multiple languages. All material that is available on Netflix is wholly original. Users can watch the content on their smartphones, laptops, and PCs.


  • Paid
  • Wide range of content
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to access
  • Original content
  • Dubbed in multiple languages
  • Latest material
  • Available in all androids

What is Amazon Prime?

Amazon Prime
Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime is an advanced technological platform where users watch a wide range of entertaining content. Users can watch many movies, dramas, TV shows, news, gaming videos, and more content. Amazon Prime is paid and licensed. Amazon does coverage of many sports events.

Moreover, it provides more than 40,000 titles for you to watch. The content is purely original and is available in it. In addition, Amazon Prime offers users a free trial for 30 days. The streaming quality of Amazon Prime is 4k. It is a worldwide entertainment software that millions of users use in their spare time worldwide.


  • Widely spreading
  • Easy to access
  • Free trial for 30 days
  • Licensed and paid
  • Affordable
  • Easy to use
  • Wide range of entertaining content

Overall Findings

Feature Netflix Prime Video
Content Library 6,000+ movies and TV shows. 8,500+ movies and TV shows.
Original Content More original content, including movies and TV shows. It also produces original shows and movies but to a lesser extent.
Content Quality More highly-rated content than Amazon.
Subscription Options Monthly and yearly subscription options. Available as a standalone Prime Video subscription or as a feature of Amazon Prime.
4K UHD Streaming Requires a premium plan. 4K streaming is available by default.
Compatibility Available on all streaming devices. Some Chromecast streaming issues.

Subscription Plans

Subscription Plans Netflix Prime Video
Basic Plan (ad-supported) $6.99/mo
Basic Plan (ad-free) $9.99/mo
Standard Plan (ad-free) $15.49/mo
Premium Plan $19.99/mo
Prime Video Plan $8.99/mo
Amazon Prime $14.99/mo (includes Prime Video, free shipping, and other benefits.)
Yearly Subscription Discounts available Discounts available
Free Content Some content is available to stream for free without a subscription.

Device Compatibility

Streaming Platforms Netflix Prime Video
Web Player Works in all major browsers. Works in all major browsers.
Mobile App Available for iOS and Android. Available for iOS and Android.
Desktop App Windows app available, but no macOS app. Windows and macOS apps.
Streaming Devices Available for all streaming devices, including Chromecast. Deeply integrated into Fire TV devices. Also available on Roku, Apple TV, game consoles, smart TVs, and other devices.
Chromecast Compatibility Some Chromecast issues.

Key Difference between Netflix and Amazon Prime

  1. Amazon refers to a free trial, whereas Netflix does not give this service.
  2. There are more than 8500+ titles on Amazon Prime. On the other hand, Netflix refers to more than 6000+ titles.
  3. The streaming quality of Amazon Prime is 4k. In contrast, Netflix offers SD streaming quality.
  4. In contrast to Netflix, Amazon Prime is free of cost for their Prime members.
  5. Amazon Prime has the most extensive range of content as compared to Netflix.

Comparison Chart between Netflix and Amazon Prime

Feature Netflix Amazon Prime Video
Content Library The broad selection of TV shows and movies Extensive library, including exclusive content
Original Content Highly acclaimed original series and films A growing roster of original shows and movies
Pricing Tiered pricing plans Part of Amazon Prime subscription
Streaming Quality Standard and premium options Standard and 4K Ultra HD streaming options
Simultaneous Streams Depends on plan (1 to 4 simultaneous streams) Depends on plan (2 to 3 simultaneous streams)
Availability Available worldwide Available in select countries
Offline Viewing Available with specific plans and titles Available for select content
Additional Features No ads Access to Amazon Prime benefits


Netflix and Amazon Prime contrast directly to show that they are both dominant streaming platforms providing various entertainment options for their respective users. Even though both services have many films, easy-to-use interfaces and flexible streaming techniques, each has its unique edge. Netflix is famous for its revolutionary originals, abundant international content and smooth watching process.