Divinity Original Sin II vs. Diablo 3: What’s the Difference?

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Today we’re going to look at two of the most popular action RPG games in recent years; Divinity original sin ii and Diablo 3. These two games are on opposite ends of the spectrum, with Diablo 3 being more simplified and Divinity original sin ii being more complex, with more ways to beat quests and enemies. In this article, we’ll look at each game’s unique features and see how they stack up against each other!

Introduction To Divinity Original Sin II

A challenging RPG that lets you create multiple characters with unique attributes, each of which can be developed to fulfill specific roles within your party. It also has an active modding community, providing endless opportunities for character customization.

The campaign can be completed alone or with up to three friends. Divinity is currently available for PC only but will be ported to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One at a later date. If you’re looking for a powerful storyline backed by entertaining gameplay, look no further than Divinity II.

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Introduction To Diablo 3

Released in 2012, diablo 3 is a dungeon crawler hack and slash RPG that takes place in Sanctuary, a demon-filled fantasy world. The story follows multiple characters through five acts as they fight against evil forces and try to save humanity.

With a deep narrative, a vast amount of content, and beautiful art design, diablo 3 offers hundreds of hours of gameplay. However, it also costs $60 upfront with no option for free-to-play or cheaper ways to unlock all content.

Differences Between Divinity Original Sin II and Diablo 3

it is of course extremely important that a game be competitive with similar titles. While Divinity Original Sin II and Diablo III are in similar genres, they differ in ways that make each game more enjoyable to certain players. These differences will be noted below to help players choose which one they would rather play!

1. Divine Abilities

In Divine abilities, you can have direct contact with your gods. Some of their power can flow through you for a limited time and be unleashed on your enemies. These abilities consume your mana for short periods, leaving you vulnerable until it regenerates. Be careful; if your health drops too low or certain debuffs afflict you, you’ll pass out from exhaustion and temporarily lose access to these powers! So choose your moments wisely!

2. Character Customization

Unlike many RPGs, Divinity: Original Sin II gives you a lot of control over your character customization. There are six races (Human, Elf, Dwarf, Lizard, Undead, and Tengu) to choose from with three different origin stories for each race.

These origins will unlock unique starting skills for your characters. You can also choose one of 10 classes at level one or create your custom class by distributing 15 points across several different skills trees. Classless players can also choose a profession instead of picking an actual class.

3. Game Mechanics

Divinity and Diablo are different games with different aims. Divinity is a rich RPG experience, while Diablo is an arcade game that emphasizes loot collection. While loot-driven games like Path of Exile, Torchlight II, and Grim Dawn might seem similar to Diablo on paper, they lack much of what makes Blizzard’s classic so addictive. Players spend less time farming for gear in these titles and more time trying to figure out how best to use a few awesome items against tough bosses.

4. Mod Support

The first and most obvious advantage of Divinity: Original Sin 2 is that it supports modding. Though a few mods for Divinity: Original Sin have existed for a few years, Larian Studios have only recently opened up support to allow any player to create their own. Mods give players a wealth of new content for free and can be immensely helpful in extending replayability.

5. Item Crafting

The first and most obvious difference between Divinity and Diablo is that Divinity features crafting. In a nutshell, players craft their equipment, weapons, armor, and inventory items rather than purchasing them from vendors. This approach to item creation allows for maximum customization at all times. Players must combine different ingredients to create an object in Divinity.

6. Consoles vs. PC Versions

Computer games have overtaken their console counterparts as of late, with incredibly detailed and immersive graphics. However, console games are still an important market—and there’s something to be said for playing on a couch instead of in front of a computer screen. But which is better? Here are some notable differences.

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Both games are fantastic. While indie game developers created Divinity, they made a well-thought-out and fun game. diablo 3 has had some development issues but that shouldn’t deter you from purchasing either one of these games. These are just my opinions on these two series of games. If you want to know more about these amazing games let me know in your comments below or feel free to PM me for help with either one of these games. As always thanks for reading my post!