Hamster vs. Hampster

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The terms Hamster and Hampster are pronounced similarly and have slightly similar forms as well, which is why the word Hamster is sometimes misspelled as ‘Hampster’.

Many people keep hamsters as pets, and they are very popular. It is a European rodent that is a member of the Cricetinae subfamily of rodents. Identifying characteristics of a hamster include its shorter half-life and pouches on either side of its jawline.

In this case, the word hampster is an incorrect spelling of the word ‘hamster.’ Hampster Dance, as it was known at the time, was an Internet meme developed in 1998. It was one of the first Internet memes created by Deidre LaCarte, a Canadian art student who was studying at the time. It includes animated GIFs of hamsters as well as other critters performing tricks.

Which is Correct: Hamster or Hampster?

It is possible to have homophones in two different languages with the same pronunciation but differ slightly in spelling. The presence of homophones does not imply that both words are correct; one word can be right while the other word has no meaning in this situation.

Some words (homophones) sound the same when spoken (although one may be accurate while the other may be erroneous or have a different meaning), even though they are not. “Hampster and Hamster” is an excellent illustration of this.

These terms are misspelled in English, which can be misleading, especially when writing because they sound the same. However, one is correct in English, and the other is a typo.

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What is a Hamster?

Hamster vs. Hampster

From the subfamily of Cricetinae, a hamster is a tiny rodent with a short tail that is commonly used as a research animal. Because of the similarities in spelling, the term “Hamster” is frequently misspelled as “Hampster,” and the words sound identical when spoken.


  • That animal has the appearance of a rat. How did you come to be so sure that it was a hamster?
  • The hamsters are notable for their ability to migrate long distances.
  • I’m not sure where my hamster has disappeared to.
  • Perhaps you should consider keeping one of these tiny creatures as a pet. I thought they were adorable.

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