Indeed vs Barefoot Student: What’s the Difference?

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You’ve heard of Indeed, but are you familiar with Barefoot Student? If not, you’re missing out on an opportunity to find jobs and internships in fashion/retail, travel, and hospitality management — just to name a few fields you can search for jobs or internships in. Here are some differences between Indeed and Barefoot Student to help you determine which one is the best fit for your job-hunting needs.

What is Indeed Student?

This site lists more jobs than the barefoot student does however when you look at each listing there are little things that differ. Job listings on indeed include each company logo, whether or not it is a flexible job (we work to get students with the most flexible jobs) we also check what hours are available for that job from other students. Students don’t always know if its full time, part-time or casual as you can see below


  • The pro of Indeed is that you have multiple positions to apply for because it aggregates all major job listing sites.
  • The job application is easy to use, simply select if you want to apply for a position.
  • When I applied for a position on their site, it only took seconds before I received an email notification with the status of my application.
  • You can also access your resume on Indeed so you can update it as necessary in one place.


  • While Indeed is a great tool to have in your arsenal when looking for an entry-level job, it can’t be considered a reliable resource for full-time jobs.
  • To understand why you must look at how Indeed operates. Indeed (and any other job search site) uses data from sites like SimplyHired and CareerBuilder.
  • Even if you want to work full-time, having 2 or 3 part-time jobs listed on your profile isn’t going to help you land that dream gig.

What is Barefoot Student?

Paying to be a student is not for everyone. It sounds strange, but as a part of your studies you might have to do your laundry, cook for yourself (and others), clean your house, and so on. At Barefoot Student, we believe that taking care of yourself gives you more opportunities to succeed. The money we save through membership goes directly back into our education by providing us with scholarships at top universities around the world.


  • The biggest advantage of using student job sites like it is their sheer number of job postings.
  • If you’re only after English jobs, Indeed has over 4,000 postings for English-teaching jobs alone.
  • This is great news if you’re a native speaker looking to go abroad but can’t find work in your own country.


  • Although job search tools are useful, they don’t eliminate the need for a professional headshot.
  • There are several drawbacks to using tools such as Indeed or LinkedIn, but the most significant is their lack of control over your presence on their site.
  • Although you can build a resume page with your personal information and employment history, it isn’t yours; you don’t control what jobs are posted or how you appear in them.

Key Differences between Indeed and Barefoot Student

Indeed is a job search engine that connects students with companies looking to hire college graduates. They are not only looking for jobs but they also provide career advice to students who want to change careers.

  • Barefoot Student is a website where students can find scholarships and financial aid opportunities.
  • They also have a blog section where students can share their experiences about what it’s like to attend school at a private university.
  • Although you can use either service to search for jobs, I prefer using indeed to find full-time jobs.
  • For example, it allows me to add extra parameters such as salary requirements and locations while searching for a job, which in turn narrows down my results more effectively.
  • In addition, indeed is also better in terms of their layout: they provide a more convenient way to read reviews by showing average scores right next to profiles of each company.


Surely, Indeed is a more reputable company when it comes to employment services. They were started in 2004 and have been growing ever since. With nearly 1 billion job searches performed last year, Indeed has made its name as one of today’s leading employment services. Their dedication to their job candidates has earned them hundreds of thousands of reviews online by former employees and potential workers who have successfully been matched with a new position they are truly happy with.