Lion vs. Tiger – What’s the Difference?

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Lions are bigger than tigers, but they both have stripes! Lions can weigh over 400 pounds while tigers only weigh about 300 pounds. But what makes them different? Tigers are known to eat deer, antelope, wild boar, and even other big cats like leopards and jaguars. Lions, however, prefer to eat zebras, gazelles, and impalas. They are also known to hunt buffalo, rhinos, hippos, and elephants.

Main Difference Between Lion And Tiger

Lions and Tigers are both members of the Cat Family, which is a big family. They both make their home in Africa and live in a much bigger home than Tigers do. Lions and Tigers have big, solid manes of yellowish fur, which grow really long in winter. They are the largest of all cats and the fiercest of all cats, and the only ones that are both a cat and a lion.

What is Lion?

Lions are large cats that have been known since ancient times. They have first domesticated in Africa about 10,000 years ago. Lions are considered to be the largest cat species. Their average weight can reach between 200-300 pounds and they can grow up to 9 feet long from head to tail. Lions live in pride of 2-15 animals, but sometimes larger groups form. There are many different subspecies of lions, each with its own unique characteristics.

The lion has been used as a symbol of power and majesty for thousands of years. In Egyptian mythology, the god Ra was represented as a man-eagle hybrid creature called the sun-bird. This creature had the body of a human being, the wings of an eagle, and the head of a falcon. The Egyptians believed this creature to be the incarnation of Ra’s light.

1. Lion Facts

Lions are the largest cats in the world. They can weigh between 400 and 600 pounds (180–270 kg) and stand about 2 feet tall at the shoulder. Lions are solitary animals that live in pride consisting of two to 20 individuals. A pride consists of related cubs and their mothers.

2. Lion Characteristics

A lion’s coat is thick and shaggy but varies from light tan to dark brown. Its fur is long and straight and may be either coarse or soft. The hair on the legs is shorter than elsewhere. The tail is bushy and usually blackish. The face is marked with dark stripes running down each side of the muzzle. The eyes are yellowish-brown.

3. Lion Habitat

Lions are found in savannah woodlands, grasslands, and deserts. Their habitat ranges from the tropics to temperate regions. They prefer areas where food is plentiful, including rivers, lakes, and marshlands.

What is Tiger?

Tigers are big cats that have been around for over 10 million years. They are known for their speed, agility, power, and ferocity. Tigers are considered to be the king of the jungle and can weigh anywhere from 300-400 pounds. There are 5 subspecies of tigers, but only 2 of them exist today.


The Asiatic tiger is native to the following locations:

  1. India
  2. Bangladesh
  3. Pakistan
  4.  Nepal Burma
  5. Thailand
  6. Cambodia
  7. Laos
  8. Vietnam
  9. China
  10.  Japan
  11.  Korea Malaysia
  12. Indonesia
  13. Philippines
  14. Timor Leste
  15. Papua New Guinea
  16. Solomon Islands
  17. Vanuatu Australia
  18. New Caledonia

The Amur Tiger is native to the following locations:

  • Russia
  •  Mongolia
  •  North Korea
  • South Korea
  • China
  • Japan

The tiger has become extinct in many places throughout its range due to habitat loss, poaching, and human conflict. In the wild, they live in large groups called clans. These clans consist of 1 male and 4 females. A clan’s territory ranges from 100-to 300 square miles. A female tiger usually gives birth to 2 cubs per year. Cubs stay with their mother until they are about 6 months old. At this point, they begin to explore their surroundings and learn how to hunt.

Tiger’s Diet

A tiger’s diet consists mainly of deer, boar, antelope, birds, fish, reptiles, amphibians, rodents, and other small animals. They eat approximately 20% of their body weight each day. They prefer fresh meat but will eat dead meat if necessary. Their teeth are sharp and strong enough to tear through bone.

Tigers are solitary creatures and do not like to get too close to humans. If approached, they may attack. They are territorial and will defend their home turf against any intruders.

Tigers are the second-largest member of the cat family. They are also the only cat with retractable claws and can use those claws to defend themselves. They are also powerful in a fight and will use their claws to defend themselves and attack other cats and animals.

Key Differences between Lion and Tiger

  1. Lions have an extra layer of protection that helps protect them from predators.
  2. They have larger ears, larger faces, and longer manes, and they have thick, mane-like hair on their shoulders. These extra layers of protection allow them to better hear and smell, and they are better at spotting danger.
  3. There are many differences between lions and tigers.
  4. A lion can, at any time, give its life to protect its cubs and thus protect its territory and family. Also, a lioness is larger and stronger than a lion and is, therefore, better equipped to defend her young, whereas a lion is not. A tiger, on the other hand, is deliberate and calculated in its predatory ways, and will seldom offer its life to protect its family, but will rather wait to catch its prey.
  5. Tigers are larger, sleeker, and stronger than lions. Their mane is much thicker. They also have a much smaller head and teeth than lions do.
  6. The tiger is one of the most powerful animals in the world. Tigers are the biggest cat in the world. They can weigh up to 800 pounds and stand more than 4 feet tall at the shoulder.
  7. Tigers are the biggest cats in the world. They are really strong, live in a big home in the jungle, and hunt in packs.
  8. Tigers are slightly smaller than lions. Most are black or silvery-gray and are much faster. They are also far stealthier. Tigers can be dangerous, but they are not as likely to charge.


The lion is the king of the jungle, while the tiger is the king of the forest. They are both beautiful animals that have been around for thousands of years. However, they are completely different from each other. A lion can weigh over 1,000 pounds and stand 7 feet tall at the shoulder. Tigers can weigh anywhere from 300-500 pounds and measure 6-7 feet long. Lions live in groups called pride, where females rule the roost. Females lions are dominant over males and often fight each other for control. Males do not form pride but instead roam alone. Male tigers are solitary creatures and hunt in packs.

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