Myreadingmanga vs. Mangapanda: What’s the Difference?

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If you’re the type of person who likes to read manga, then you probably have at least one manga website you check out regularly. Myreadingmanga and Mangapanda are two of the most popular manga websites out there and it can be hard to figure out which one is best for you.

The biggest difference between these two sites would be that Myreadingmanga has more content than Mangapanda, but Mangapanda has higher quality scans, so it depends on what your priorities are. Let’s take a look at each site and see how they stack up against each other.

Main Difference

Manga readers have many options when it comes to where they get their manga fix. Myreadingmanga and Mangapanda are two of the most popular websites for reading manga online, but which one is better?

Mangapanda offers a larger library of manga than Myreadingmanga, with more recent releases as well. However, Myreadingmanga has a cleaner layout and is easier to use. Mangapanda also includes ads on its website, while Myreadingmanga is ad-free.

Overall, both websites offer a great reading experience and it really depends on what you are looking for specifically. If you want the newest manga releases, Mangapanda is the better option. If you want a simpler website with no ads, then Myreadingmanga is the way to go.

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What is Myreadingmanga?

MyReadingManga was founded in 2012 by two brothers from Japan. Their goal was to make reading manga easier than ever before. They started by creating a mobile app called “My Reading Manga”. This allowed users to read manga on their phones without having to download them first.

What is Mangapanda?

Manga Panda has been around since 2011 and is still going strong. It was created by a group of manga enthusiasts who wanted to create a website that would help people read manga online. They have done this by creating their manga streaming site where they host thousands of free chapters of popular Japanese manga.

Differences between Myreadingmanga and Mangapanda

Although both sites offer access to a huge catalog of manga, each one appeals to a slightly different audience. It’s safe to say that most manga enthusiasts would subscribe to both services, but here are some reasons why you might like one over another. If you’re thinking about signing up for an account, make sure you pick carefully—both of these sites offer 30-day money-back guarantees if you feel unsatisfied with your purchase.

1. Premium Memberships

One of the key differences between MyReadingManga and MangaPanda is that with MangaPanda, you have to pay for membership. This means that when reading manga on their site, you can do so without ads or any other distractions, but it also means that if you decide to go premium after getting used to free memberships elsewhere, such as on MyReadingManga, it’s going to cost you some money.

2. Currencies Accepted

Both sites accept all forms of currencies. MyReadingManga accepts USD, Euro, and credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover) while manga panda accepts USD only. Credit card payments are processed through PayPal for both websites but it is still up to you whether you will pay in your local currency or convert using PayPal’s conversion rate.

3. Availability of Manga

Both offer manga to read. Myreadingmanga offers over 8,300 manga while manga panda has 4,061+. How do they obtain this manga you ask? They both obtain their manga through various translation groups. Some well-known translation groups such as MangaStream, MangaEden, and MangaPanda.

4. Interaction With Other Users

Both sites allow readers to comment on and discuss each chapter that is released. However, a feature that Mereadingmanga offers is a special inbox where you can send questions or comments to staff members. In addition, there are extra features available only for those who have purchased their Fan Member services. These features allow you to interact with staff members on a more personal level. An example of one of these features is an announcement about upcoming releases for your favorite series.

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5. Offline Reading Options

Before you start reading, it’s a good idea to know where you’re going to be reading. With online manga-hosting sites popping up left and right, what factors should you consider when choosing a site? Here are a few pointers.

6. Download Functionality

While both sites let you download some content for free, only Mangapanda lets you do so without signing up. On MyReadingManga, all downloads require a paid subscription (which starts at $5/month), while manga updates and manga readers are completely free to use with no registration required. If you want to download manga on your phone or tablet without paying a fee, try Mangapanda first.

7. Active Community Forum

One of mangasphere’s biggest advantages is its active community forum. It may seem like a bit of an antiquated idea to have users interacting in one big centralized place, but it has several big benefits for both readers and publishers alike.

8. Pricing (Mangapanda is Free)

When it comes to pricing, both websites offer free manga content. This means that there is no fee for reading manga online on either website. However, due to licensing, some manga is only available through one or both websites. Overall, myreadingmanga offers more free manga than mangapanda, so if you’re on a budget and/or aren’t picky about which series you read then myreadingmanga is your best bet when it comes to free manga online.


Both sites are great ways to read your favorite manga online. But, MyReadingManga may be a better site for you if you prefer e-book format or if you only want to read one series at a time. On Mangapanda, on the other hand, we suggest that users might enjoy it more if they want to catch up on multiple series at once or if they are looking for more volumes of older titles.