Roller Champions vs. Rocket League: What is the Difference

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It’s no secret that Rocket League has been an immensely popular game since its release back in 2015, garnering both critical and financial success and even spawning a community of people who make their living playing the game competitively. However, it was not the first game to mix football with cars; that honor belongs to the free-to-play game Roller Champions.

Main Difference

While Rocket League has been one of the most important games in gaming history, could Roller Champions have been just as successful? And what are the differences between the two games? Here are five main differences between Rocket League and Roller Champions.

Introduction To Roller Champions

Compared to Rocket League, Roller Champions is a little more similar to basketball. In fact, it’s actually built on a modified version of Unreal Tournament. Teams are made up of six people competing in two ten-minute halves to hit or shoot as many goals as possible with balls that take out obstacles like walls and corners along their way into a goal at either end of an arena.

Introduction To Rocket league

a rocket-powered battle-car game developed and published by Psyonix. The game was released for Microsoft Windows on July 7, 2015, for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on September 8, 2016, and for Nintendo Switch in Q4 2017. In May 2018, Psyonix announced that they are bringing Rocket League to Android and iOS devices later in 2018..Rocket League is a sequel to Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars, a 2008 video game for PlayStation 3.

Differences Between Roller Champions and Rocket league

The differences between these two popular video games are enormous. In terms of gameplay, each is completely different from one others. The difference in graphics is also extremely noticeable when comparing these video games. However, there is still a connection between these two titles that make them similar to one another and appealing to players around the world.

Gameplay – Roller champions vs. Rocket league

There are two different modes of play in rocket league; Exhibition matches, which allow you to play with any combination of up to 4 players at a time in 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, or 4v4; and Online matches, which allows you to compete against 15 other players in ranked matches or quickplay.

Graphics – Roller champions vs. Rocket league

When we were kids, we were encouraged to play both indoor and outdoor games. We spent our time cycling, roller skating, swinging a bat on the baseball field, or playing various games like cricket, hockey, etc. There are so many other sports that improve the coordination, reflexes, and endurance of an individual. All these skills can be utilized in the future to excel at any game irrespective of its genre.

Options and Customization – Roller champions vs. Rocket league

A big difference is that you don’t have as many options for customization in roller champion. You get to choose your car, but there are no real upgrades or anything like that, which adds a layer of simplicity to most matches. It also makes it harder to discern between players who are trying hard and those who aren’t (in other words, a little less skill-based). A rocket league match has you in an arena with 3 players on each team.

Modes – Roller champions vs. Rocket league

In many ways, these two games are similar. However, there are some significant differences that can really change how you enjoy them. First, Let’s start with modes. While both games have a casual mode where players just goof around with one another on an even playing field without any major consequences or rewards, they differ on a major scale in their competitive modes. In Rocket League there is only one competitive mode, while in RC Pro-am there are multiple game types.

Cars, Upgrades, and Items

In Rocket League, you have access to a variety of cars. All cars have their own individual stats that make them faster or stronger than other cars. You can level up your car by playing matches; it is much easier to do so with booster items in-game.

Leagues and Online Matchmaking

Not everyone has enough friends with controllers to form a full team—and that’s where ranked matches come in. League play allows you to queue up solo or with one other teammate of your choice, then face off against other players or teams in games ranked by skill level. These games are competitive, yes, but since these are online matches and not physical ones—there are no penalties for abandoning or disconnecting. So what do you gain from rising through the ranks?


Players must be of a high caliber to enter a tournament, where they’ll compete against some of best players in their region. This is also where we’ll find our best games. But there’s something you should know—Roller Champions tournaments are different from those in other esports (like StarCraft or Dota). They have no teams; instead, players come together as squads to take on their opponents.


Best Game of All Time. They each have their own pros and cons but as they say different strokes for different folks. This is why there are so many games to play in today’s day and age. I personally like both however I prefer more teamwork involved in Rocket League, whereas roller champion is more about me doing my thing. Good luck!

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