WhatsApp vs. GBWhatsApp – Difference and Comaprisons

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WhatsApp and GBWhatsApp are the world’s top-performing messaging apps. WhatsApp is a unique messaging app of its kind and does not have any special competitor. GBWhatsApp is the clone version of WhatsApp, which is just like WhatsApp but has some additional features like a status video of up to 45 seconds, status saving, message hiding, and much more.

WhatsApp and GBWhatsApp serve messaging, audio, and video calling services. Because of its clone, WhatsApp always discourages the use of GBWhatsApp. However, GB WhatsApp has gained much more importance due to its excellent features. Both apps are free to use and free to download.

What is WhatsApp?

WhatsApp is the world’s most famous and top-class messaging tool. It was launched in the first month of 2009. Meta owns it. It is a free-to-use messaging tool. It is available for all users, including Android and iOS.

It just requires a registered phone number of the consumer’s state to avail of its services. WhatsApp is a safe and trusted source of messaging. In addition, it provides voice and video calling services. All its messages and chats are end-to-end encrypted. There is no special requirement to enjoy this app.

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  • Trusted and safe messaging
  • Voice and video calling services
  • Available on Android and iOS
  • Free of cost
  • Easy and straightforward to use

Disadvantages of WhatsApp:

  • Login is required
  • Time wastage on chatting
  • Tough rules
  • Harassment and abusive acts

What is GB WhatsApp?

GBWhatsApp is also a messaging tool like WhatsApp but has many additional features. GBWhatsApp is a clone version of WhatsApp. It was launched in 2014, five years after the launch of WhatsApp.

Other features of GBWhatsApp include an extended status facility(up to 45 seconds), chat hiding, contact number hiding, status saving, reading of deleted messages, and much more. Users can download it from APK and other clone sites. It is not available on PlayStore and AppStore.

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  • Encrypted Chat
  • Easy to access
  • Audio and Video calling service
  • Free of Cost
  • Free download from APK
  • Free of Cost


  • It is a clone app
  • Third-party app
  • Fear of ban on usage
  • Penalty by WhatsApp
  • Not available on PlayStore

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Comparison Chart of WhatsApp and GBWhatsApp

WhatsApp GBWhatsApp
Available on the Play Store Available on APK
Original version Clone Version
Launched: January 2009 Launched; 2014
No status save feature Status save feature
Status length; 45 seconds Status length; 30 seconds
fewer features More features


We can say that both WhatsApp and GBWhatsApp are copies of each other. However, GB WhatsApp has more features than WhatsApp. Both apps are used globally and serve people with their best services. WhatsApp and GB WhatsApp are now present in every mobile. Technology and e-business have increased their importance.