Jogging vs. Running

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The major difference between jogging and running is that jogging is a physical exercise that anybody of any age can do. But running is the advanced form of jogging, requires the fastest pace, and is not suggested to people of any age.

History of Jogging and Running

In the middle of the 17th century, jogging was invented in Europe. It was also called roadwork. Later Coach Arthur Lydiard promoted the word “jogging” in New Zealand. In 1962, Bill Bowerman, a coach from the University of Oregon in the United States, promoted jogging as an exercise. On the other hand, running evolved from jogging as an advance and intense form of jogging.

Benefits: Jogging and running are beneficial in burning calories and help in losing weight fast. Moreover, they affect our leg, abdominal, and other body muscles and strengthen them. Jogging and running both help the human body as a whole to maintain good health.

Both are also suggested to prevent diseases like diabetes, hypertension, osteoporosis, etc.

What is jogging?


Jogging is a form of aerobic exercise with less intensity. People of any age can do jogging. It is a daily routine workout. Due to its low intensity, it takes less effort compared to running. Specifically, covering one mile in ten minutes is generally considered jogging.

Muscles Involve in Jogging

In jogging, almost all the muscles of the body get involved. The muscles involving the lower body are hip flexors, glutes, calves, quadriceps, and the upper body and core muscles. In short, jogging is considered a full-body exercise.

Jogging Form

The jogging form is a bit different from the running form in that your knees may not come up very high in jogging, and your arms show less swinging. The reason behind it is that we are moving at a slower pace in jogging, so the momentum is also low. Due to reduced movement of the body, jogging can be done longer.

Advantages of jogging

There are the following advantages of jogging.

  • Jogging is considered an aerobic exercise and plays a vital role in the strengthening of muscles.
  • It is a good workout for beginners as it requires less intensity.
  • Jogging also helps to maintain a good and healthy weight.
  • Jogging strengthens our body’s natural immune system.
  • Jogging also enhances your mood and decreases depression. It provides you with a sense of achievement.

Disadvantages of jogging

  • Jogging can be a cause of serious injury sometimes. It can traumatize the body, including the knee, legs, and back joints.
  • Jogging can also cause muscle cramps to occur due to dehydration.
  • Jogging is not suggested to the person experiencing overweight or other muscles problem.

What is Running?


Running is also an aerobic exercise. Running is considered a high-intensity exercise and burns more fats relative to carbohydrates. Running is not suggested to everybody because it requires more energy and burns more calories than simple jogging. Jogging is considered a warm-up before running.

Muscles in Running

The lower body’s muscles involved in running are the core, hip flexors, quadriceps, glutes, and hamstrings. The lesser extent of the lower body’s muscles gets involved in running. Running is also a full-body exercise. Even a few minutes of running daily is beneficial to increase muscle form.

Advantages of Running

There are the following advantages of running.

  • Running increase our bone density by increasing stress. Due to stress, minerals are transferred to bones which makes them stronger.
  • Running is also suggested to relieve stress and depression.
  • Running also causes ultimate weight loss of the body.
  • Running also indirectly causes an increase in our confidence and makes our life and body more stable and healthier.

Disadvantages of Running

There are the following disadvantages to running

  • There is more chance of you getting injured during running. It can be both internal and external injury.
  • Running can be boring for most people as it involves only doing one thing repeatedly. However, it can be solved by varying routes and with the company.
  • Running also causes an imbalance in the body as it mostly strengthens our lower body muscles.
  • Running can be an obsessive activity for some people, which makes it dangerous for them. It would be best if you had perfect balance to maintain that activity.

Comparison Chart Between Jogging and Running

Basis for comparison Jogging Running


Jogging is a type of physical exercise that anyone can do easily. Running is defined as the advanced version of jogging. It is a hard exercise and is not recommended for everybody.
Time Jogging is mostly done in the morning. Running can be done during the gym or in the evening or morning.
Motivation The motive behind jogging is always simple, including

·       Maintaining good health

·       Losing weight

·       Socially interacting with people

·       Building confidence

While the general motive behind the running include

·       Taking part in a race

·       Preparation of some competition

·       Strengthening the body muscles and maintaining good shape

·       Weight loss

Speed Jogging speed is usually expected. Running speed is always higher than jogging.
Intensity Jogging does not require higher intensity as it is a daily workout situation. Running required more intensity. Its intensity varies from different types of running.
calories Calorie burn is directly related to intensity, so jogging burns fewer calories than running. More and fast calories are burnt by running.


Goals There is no specific goal behind jogging because it is usually done as a part of daily routine. Running is always related to running towards a specific goal to achieve.


Jogging and running are essential in maintaining good health and body shape. Ultimately It’s your decision to choose between running and jogging, depending on the goal you want to achieve. It depends. If you want to start a new fitness routine or recover from a previous injury, you can choose jogging; however if your goal is to burn calories as fast as possible or something with more adventure and higher intensity, you can choose running. At last, it’s your call to make.