Publisher vs. Advertiser – Differences & Comparison

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Alisha John

Publishers and Advertisers are publication platforms. Publishers own an agency that invents or makes the ads while advertisers buy those ads. Publishers and advertisers are two means that convey the products to market. Both are essential, from forming an ad to selling in markets. Let us discuss the main difference between a Publisher and an Advertiser.

What is a Publisher?

A publisher is a person who makes the ads by investing his money and then selling it to another agency or company. Moreover, there are so many features that the Publisher makes. It includes blogs, websites, software, applications, and content.

Furthermore, it built a profitable marketplace. Millions of people are doing this work at this time. In addition, it is digital work that you can do easily from home. It has become a way of earning for people. Also, publishers Publish their content in national and international magazines.


  • Widely spreading
  • Easy to access
  • Easy to use
  • Way of earning
  • Wide range of content
  • Ownership opportunity
  • Profitable profession
  • Fast services

What is Advertiser?

The Advertiser is the buyer who buys ads and digital agencies. Advertiser offers you this service if you want to promote your services on social media and other platforms. This advertising may be digital or maybe non-digital. But at this time, digital advertising is widely used.

Furthermore, the Advertiser is considered the third person between publishers and buyers. Moreover, it uses some platforms for advertising its services, such as Email, messenger, Social Media websites, and applications.


  • Widely spreading
  • Easy to work
  • Easy to access
  • Profitable work
  • Use many social media platforms
  • Way of earning
  • Fastest services
  • Promote the selling
  • It sells at a reasonable price
  • Promote digitally and non-digitally

Key Differences between Publisher and Advertiser

  1. The Publisher has ownership of products. On the other hand, Advertiser sells other’s products.
  2. Publishers publish new products while Advertisers promote them.
  3. Publishers earn more profit as compared to advertisers.
  4. An advertiser is a third person between the Publisher and the buyer.
  5. The Publisher publishes a worldwide magazine, while the Advertiser uses social media platforms to promote it.
  6. Publisher plays their role in print media while Advertiser plays their part in electronic media.
  7. With technological advancement, the publishing industry is declining while the advertisement industry is growing.

Comparison chart between Publisher and Advertiser

Features Publisher Advertiser
Ownership Yes No
Content Own writer Customer
Key Role Publishing Advertisement
Promotion of Products No Yes


We can say that publishers and Advertisers are entirely different in their key roles. They are serving society with their services. However, everyone should know that the publisher publishes different books, newspapers, and magazines, while the advertiser promotes other things in society.