Zip Code vs. Postal Code – Differences & Comparison

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Zip and Postal Codes are codes used to check the location, cost, route, mail, delivery time, and others. The full Zip Code is the Zone Improvement Plan Code that has been used for six decades. On the other hand, Postal Code is the oldest Code used for more than sixty years.

Major Difference

Zip Code only numbers, whereas Postal Code is a number and alphabet. Both codes are usually used in postal addresses and letters. In detail, let us discuss the main differences between Zip Code and Postal Code.

What is Zip Code?

Zip Code is mainly used for identifying a location. With the help of Zip Code, users can know where the parcel and letters are delivered that they send. The full name of the Zip Code is Zone Improvement Plane Code. Moreover, Zip Code is a 5 to 9 digital code that contains only numbers. Furthermore, it is mainly used in the USA and the Philippines. Zip Code divides the area into groups, making it easy to identify the location.

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Features and uses

  • Use for identification
  • Use to find the location of parcels
  • Offering services for six decades
  • Highly using
  • Advantageous to delivery
  • It makes groups find the site easily

What is Postal Code?

Postal Code is a digit code used to identify the location where users send their parcels, packages, and letters. Moreover, this content may be alphabetic letters or numbers or maybe a combination of numbers and letters.

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Furthermore, Postal Code is used explicitly within a city. It was discovered in 1959 for people to know the exact location, reference, and route. Postal Code is a multiple number of words. In addition, Postal Code is the association of the United Kingdom. Lastly, Postal Code is more complicated as compared to Zip Code.

Features and uses

  • Use to identify the location
  • Use in the United Kingdom
  • Multiple numbers of Code
  • Use within a city
  • Easy to find a location

Key Differences between Zip Code and Postal Code

  1. Zip Code is more advanced as compared to Postal Code.
  2. Zip Code is a type of Postal Code, but Postal Code is not a Postal Code,
  3. Zip Code was discovered in 1963, whereas the Postal was invented in 1956.
  4. Zip Code works within a country. On the other hand, Postal Code works within a city.
  5. Zip Code is specific for two countries. On the other hand, Postal Code uses all nations except two countries.
  6. Zip Code is used to identify the delivery location, while Postal Code determines the site and is used for census and route planning.
  7. Zip Code contains numbers, whereas Postal Code contains both numbers and letters.

Comparison table between Zip Code and Postal Code

Features Zip Code Postal Code
Consistent Numbers Both numbers and letters
Usage Identify the location Identify the location and route planning


Years of introduction 1963 1959
Full form Zone improvrment plan Postal Code


We can say that both Zip Codes and Postal Codes differ. Zip code and Postal Code are important geographical determinants.