Chat Blink vs. ChatHub: What’s the difference?

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Blink and ChatHub are two communication tools that allow for hosting live online meetings, but each has its own set of distinctive trait features. Suppose you want to decide between them, how can you know which the best live meeting software is?

And what are some pros and cons of each? Read this article to learn how to choose between these two leading meeting apps.

Introduction To Chat Blink

ChatBlink could be useful if you need unlimited chat history and live messaging. We have team management, easy customer support, and engaging customer feedback across all our offers. You can use it as a 1-on-1 chat or manage your customer support.

We also offer business packages with dedicated agents who will help you throughout! Our stand-alone lightweight messaging widget is faster compared to other widgets available out there for your business website.

Introduction To ChatHub

Since it’s running through your browser, you can use ChatHub from any point where an internet connection exists. However, we store all data on your devices and servers only for security reasons and privacy purposes. This implies that in case you create your chat room on a shared computer at work or on a public computer at the library then anyone using such machines may likely access any private communication exchanged within the room.


Difference between Chat Blink and ChatHub

Both let customers start chatting via their websites though there is much disparity amid them. Below is just a quick overview of what both are about as well as how they compare to each other.


These platforms can be accessed by both web browsers and apps; thus, they are always accessible online too. Instant messaging enables users to send messages to friends, and take pictures & videos including a GPS feature for check-ins while creating groups with similar interests among others. Besides these common features, there are applications pre-installed on smartphones.


In addition to text, video, and audio chatting options, both ChatBlink and ChatHub offer stickers and filters but not to the same extent. For example, when chatting with friends, users on Chathub can use unique selfie filters. This is a feature that is lacking in other apps.


Every business needs live customer support service, regardless of its size. Without support, you risk losing customers and potential revenue. This can be especially detrimental in an industry where many consumers are already nervous about buying online. Think about it: when will you have live chat available? What will this experience look like? It seems simple but if it isn’t done right it will put more people off your site rather than make more sales.


If you want to go live today, these numbers may be of interest to you to know how much it costs. For instance, the four packages offered by Chatchit are provided at a starting price of $39 per month with the highest priced package being $249 per month. Users benefit from extra features which include higher-quality audio for video streaming, more storage space for messages, unlimited bandwidth plus additional plug-ins supported by all our packages.


Its integrations are among the most powerful features of this app called Chat Hub. This implies that you can connect your bot with other applications and services where your users have their existing tools. We also offer direct integrations for intents built into our website so you can make extremely complicated bots using our platform.


When it comes to these types of apps, privacy should be well taken care of as a matter of fact security is a top priority in such platforms as Chat Blink and Chathub which we are interested in today.


Most chat providers out there will try to sucker you into installing a widget on your site. These widgets will place a chat box somewhere on your site so customers can interact with a live representative of your company/ That’s fine, but it means visitors need to see that widget and click on it before they can initiate contact with you. Still, there is one difference between Chat Blink and others – it uses pop-ups.


Others include Android instant messaging apps for instance, we have two particular ones namely; ChatBlink and Chathub among others (Referring to them). Both enable friends, family members, or coworkers to communicate between themselves, however, how do they differ? Every application has its unique features though some might prefer another one instead of other applications due to its functionality rather than any other single feature that may differentiate another app from being the best suited for them others whereas some would not even consider talking further about it unless something really big changes about the application that they are currently using. Should I stick with my messaging app or consider an upgrade? You decide! Think about these questions while making your choice.