NetBox vs. phpIPAM: What’s the difference?

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NetBox and phpIPAM are like network maps that can help you with the IP addresses of your company. They share several similar features but there are several key differences between them to help you choose the one that suits your needs best and will assist in maintaining a safe, secure, and reliable network. This guide will be helpful if you’re ready for an IPAM solution as it provides an overview of NetBox vs phpIPAM.

The Main Difference

Comparing NetBox vs phpIPAM can be considered as a sophisticated task especially when both software are aimed at controlling IP addresses. We will look into some of its core features and see which one is right for your specific requirements. The first thing you will note when assessing these two products is that they have some similarities in terms of how they work. Both offer modules to handle IP address blocks, subnets, hostnames, DNS records, etc.

Additionally, each has distinct ways through which data can be uploaded from other systems (phpIPAM does this by direct database integration while NetBox has a separate importer). The most important differences between these two products are their visual appearance and organization schemes.

What is NetBox?

With NetBox, a simple PHP script is all it takes to create a web-based application on your server easily. Using this script, we can manage our website content as well as user accounts. This script was made compatible with any operating system (Windows, Linux, or Mac) as well as Apache, IIS, or Lighttpd among other web servers. It works fine with such DBMSs as MySQL/MariaDB or PostgreSQL. Furthermore, there’s no problem with installing it on a Windows PC because it includes an easy installer.

What is phpIPAM?

Written in PHP, phPIPam is such a powerful management tool for IP addresses that offers many features including managing DNS, dynamic DNS updates, email notifications etc. The software can be deployed on almost any server environment because it runs on any platform supporting PHP 5.2 and above.

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The only downside to phpIPAM that we have seen is its weak reporting capabilities in comparison to NetBox and other IP Address Management tools. But if you want an inexpensive solution with minimal maintenance but maximum customization, then you should use this one.

Difference between NetBox and phpIPAM

One of your clients wants to compare two products, both called IP address management (IPAM) solutions. But what’s the point of doing this? You need to intervene and help your client choose the best product among two systems named NetBox and phpIPAM for example. As such, a detailed comparison between NetBox and phpIPAM will help you determine if they are similar enough for your client’s selection.

Support: NetBox vs. phpIPAM

From some perspectives these two products do not compete – NetBox being a dedicated IP address management (IPAM) tool for network system administrators; however, it can also serve as an open-source alternative to commercial offerings like phPIpam though it falls under the category of open source software

The main difference between the two is that phpIPAM, an open-source product, does not require support or extra payment, while NetBox has various tools and services at different prices.


This means how well an app can adapt to accommodate the increased number of users or greater workload. -wiki-scalability dns records: DNS records are used to manage and record information related to Internet Protocol (IP) network communications and connections.

User Experience

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Our personal opinion: NetBox vs. phpIPAM

We have lots of experience with both applications but we prefer NetBox over PhpIam a lot. Because it just gives you more control over everything and somehow feels easier to work with. One way is through the use of plugins which allow for complete control over how your IP space is presented as well as add any functionality outside what could be available in the mother application itself. Moreover, anything else can also be personalized and tuned up exactly according to the specific peculiarities of the environment.


If you need an IP address management (IPAM) solution for your business, these two options make sense!!! Each has benefits over others and drawbacks as well! If you are considering one of these solutions and have not yet made a decision, let us know your thoughts below! We look forward to hearing from you!