Destiny 2 vs. Warframe: What’s the difference?

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For players that enjoy first-person shooters, Destiny 2 and Warframe are two games that have something to offer. While both titles have their share of differences, they also have some similar features that make them worth considering as competitive alternatives to one another. If you’re trying to decide between these two games, here are some of the key differences you’ll want to consider before making your decision.

Introduction To Destiny 2

Features a player versus environment or PvE setting where players can explore different planets, and defeat alien forces and powerful bosses. It is currently out now for PS4 and Xbox One, with a PC release date of October 24th. Players of the game often meet up with other players in social spaces called Bungie. These spaces offer quests to complete, events to participate in, and strike missions that are often featured weekly.

Introduction To Warframe

Is it a good choice for you? While Destiny 2 might be taking over headlines, there’s another game that players may also want to consider as an alternative. Warframe is an online third-person shooter video game developed by Digital Extremes for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Difference Between Destiny 2 and Warframe

Combat in Destiny 2 relies on a locked-on power system, with heavy reliance on another player. In Warframe, combat is fast-paced and relies heavily on your movements within a fight. The gameplay in both games is vastly different. If you enjoy one genre of game, it’s easy to think you’ll like another – but that isn’t always true. Here are three reasons why we believe that once you experience both games, you may just fall in love with either title!

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1. The Story in Depth

Both Destiny 2 and Warframe share a lot of similarities, but what truly separates these games is how they tell their stories. Sure, you can use gameplay mechanics to make two similar games feel distinct from one another, but when it comes to storytelling, it all comes down to plot points. Let’s take a look at how Bungie told its story through its lens versus how Digital Extremes does so in Warframe.

2. Gameplay Elements

What sets Destiny 2 apart from other games is its gameplay elements. In a game like Call of Duty, for example, players run around shooting at each other until one team wins by eliminating all of their opponents. In Destiny 2, there are three main gameplay elements: exploration, combat, and character progression.

3. Map Design

Both games are focused on cooperative team play. Destiny 2 has four classes, each of which can be a tank or DPS, to fill out your fireteam’s five-person roster. Warframe offers dozens of frames, each specialized into a different class like a warrior, infiltrator, etc. You can bring any combination of frames into battle and switch between them on the fly as needed during missions.

4. Controls

You’ll likely find that Destiny 2 requires a lot of memorization to play. You may not see it from their trailers, but many players report being confused by some of Destiny’s controls at first. The game has dozens of buttons to control several different aspects of your character, so making a mistake can be common for beginners. This is one area where Warframe shines, with most attacks requiring just one button or two keystrokes to act.

5. Ability/Weapon Customization

One of my favorite aspects of Destiny is how custom-tailored your weapon loadout is to your character. Like a lot of shooter games, weapons in Destiny come with different perks (like extended mags or increased recoil), but they also have unique stat variations (e.g., large/small magazine size) that make every gun feel like it’s uniquely yours.

6. Raids

One of Warframe’s hallmarks is that it lets you—not forces you—to play any way you want. Even though there are raids in both games, they couldn’t be more different. Destiny 2 has a raid system that only exists on a weekly timer, with a short story campaign culminating in difficult bosses with specific gear requirements.

7. Multiplayer Modes

Both Warframe and Destiny 2 offer players a selection of multiplayer modes that involve cooperative play. The two biggest multi-player games are Infestation mode in Warframe, which is a competitive game involving different classes, and Crucible in Destiny 2, which is a competitive game without any classes. Both games allow players to customize their characters with unique weapons that unlock as they progress through levels. Players also have access to levels in these games as they progress through gameplay.

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In conclusion, both games are quality experiences for anyone looking to get into shooters or first-person action games. Both games are also very different from one another in terms of play style and mechanics. I prefer Warframe because of its cooperative gameplay, but I believe that any FPS fan would enjoy either game depending on what they’re looking for out of their gaming experience. If you want to test out these two games more before making a purchase, there are free trial options available for both titles.