Dying Light 2 vs. Deluxe vs. Ultimate

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Dying Light 2 is Dying Light with all the DLC. The devs have added a lot more to the game, including leveling up your new character, scavenging for DNA materials to customize your character, and dynamic weather effects.

Ultimate has the Season Pass included and comes with bonus content like unique outfits, death messages on the screen, and increased movement speed. Deluxe comes with some bonus content, such as new outfits and weapons. But where it stands out is with free content like new enemies and quests. It is the only version that guarantees you access to special community events.

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Difference Between Dying Light 2 vs. Deluxe vs. Ultimate

Dying Light 2 vs. Deluxe vs. Ultimate


Dying Light 2: There are no levels in Dying Light 2, but there are skill points you can earn. Skills include fighting moves, weapon mastery, and agility skills like parkour and climbing.

Ultimate: There are levels in Ultimate, but they don’t matter much. You get an XP boost when you do activities like fighting enemies or exploring locations, making leveling up even faster.

Deluxe: Both are leveling up, and perks are featured in Deluxe. You earn skill points from finding colored letters that spell the word “Skills” and can be used to buy new moves for your character.


Dying Light 2: Light 2 has more dynamic effects like dust, fog, and rain. It also takes place in modern-day, which means more advanced lighting and textures.

Ultimate: There is a day and night cycle in Ultimate, but the weather effects are toned mainly down compared to Dying Light 2. These graphics are still good, but the older version.

Deluxe: There is a dynamic day and night cycle, but nothing like the one featured in Dying Light 2. The graphics are about the same as the original Dying Light. As a whole, Deluxe is a step down from Ultimate and Dying Light 2.

What’s Difference – Dying Light 2 vs. Deluxe vs. Ultimate

The difference between Dying Light 2’s standard, deluxe and ultimate edition is the content. The deluxe edition includes a special melee weapon, a unique weapon mod, and a night-out suit. The ultimate edition comes with a physical map of the game world and stickers.

Dying Light 2 is the newest edition of Dying Light. The game has all the original content, added activities, elements, and more while the environment is dynamic and changes during the day. Dying Light 2 also features no levels and has skill points that let your character progress in different areas. There are no levels or stages in this game, but you can earn skill points.

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Dying light 2 bonuses: 50,000 in-game coins, three exclusive legendary weapons, and paraglider skin for Aiden

Deluxe bonuses: Legendary skin pack, Reload skin pack, First story DLC pack, Wallpaper downloads, Digital Comic, Digital soundtrack.

Ultimate bonuses: Season pass, 100,000 in-game coins on 15000 dollars spending, three exclusive legendary weapons, and special night out clothing.


In Dying Light 2, you get four basic blueprints that are pretty much the same for everyone, your choice of two simple weapons and a bit of currency. While in Deluxe, you get a Survivor sense that helps you spot supplies & loots from long distances. In Ultimate, you get an outfit and a weapon of your choice.

Comparison Between Dying Light 2 vs. Deluxe vs. Ultimate

Dying Light 2 vs. Deluxe vs. Ultimate

  1. Ultimate is a step-up from Dying Light 2, which is, in turn, a step up from Deluxe.
  2. Dying Light 2 has free content, a more advanced environment, and no levels.
  3. Ultimate has a day and night cycle, while Deluxe does not.
  4. If you want the most bang for your buck, go with Dying Light 2.
  5. Dying Light 2 is the best version of the three. It features a more advanced environment and gameplay and no levels.
  6. Dying Light 2 also promises free content in the future. If you have a bit more to spend, go with Ultimate.
  7. Ultimate’s most significant features are a day and night cycle and additional outfits, weapons, and items. Deluxe is almost the same as the original Dying Light.


In Conclusion, Dying Light 1 was simply amazing, but Dying Light 2 is shaping up to be even better. The Deluxe Edition does not differ much from the Ultimate except for the Season Pass, so go ahead and just get the Ultimate to save yourself some money.

In short, Dying Light 2 will be a fantastic game, and the Deluxe Edition is a great deal that includes a ton of amazing content. Get the Ultimate Edition if you want all the content when it comes down to it.

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