FIFA 22 vs FIFA 21: What’s the Difference?

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FIFA 21 and FIFA 22 are both the latest and greatest in the world of football gaming. Many players, however, may be confused by the differences between the two versions, particularly since they both have been recently released and are compatible with each other—meaning you can import your FIFA 21 profile into FIFA 22 if you so desire. Here are five key differences between the two games that might help you decide which one to buy.

Introduction To FIFA 21

FIFA 21 is a soccer video game developed by EA Canada and published by Electronic Arts. It is the latest edition of the popular FIFA franchise. The game features improved gameplay mechanics, including dribbling, shooting, ball control, and passing. New additions include player-controlled celebrations, goal celebrations, and the ability to play online against friends.

1. New Player Experience

The new player experience allows players to create their customized team from scratch. Players can choose their preferred formation, kit, or stadium, and even add their logo. They can then play online against other users or download the game onto their console.

2. More Ways To Play

There are now three different ways to play. You can either take control of your favorite club, compete in leagues, or play exhibition matches. There are also more than 30 official competitions to participate in including the UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, and UEFA Super Cup.

3. FIFA 21 – Ultimate Team

The ultimate team mode allows players to create their soccer club from scratch, build squads of real-world footballers and train them in-game. Players can then take these teams into matches against other clubs, earning experience points along the way. This experience can be used to improve your player’s attributes, unlocking new skills and abilities.

4. FIFA 21 – Career Mode

In career mode, players can control their players throughout/her entire career. As they progress through different age groups, players will gain experience points that can be spent on improving various stats, including speed, shooting accuracy, and passing ability.

5. FIFA 21 – Online Seasons

Online seasons allow players to compete against each other online in official tournaments, leagues, and friendly games. These competitions will be played out over multiple rounds, with the winner being decided based on the number of goals scored.

Introduction To FIFA 22

The title for EA Sports’ latest installment in its phenomenally successful soccer series is currently unknown, but judging by an announcement trailer released today it will be a significant improvement on last year’s edition.

Electronic Arts CEO Andrew Wilson said We believe we have another great year ahead of us with a lot of exciting changes from last year… [so] we’re just not going to change things up, don’t expect any sort of drastic revolution here.

Differences Between FIFA 22 and FIFA 21

FIFA 22 has been released today! This year’s edition of the popular soccer video game franchise features some big changes including improved gameplay, enhanced visuals, and a brand-new story mode. The biggest change this year is that players can now play online with friends using the same console. You can even create your custom teams and play against other people around the world.

Another major addition is the new Story Mode. In this mode, you take control of Alex Hunter, who is trying to become the best footballer in the world. Along the way, he faces off against rival teams, coaches, and even his teammates. There are also several improvements to the gameplay mechanics. Players can now use their movement skills to dribble past opponents, while defenders have been given better AI. There are also new passing options, like the ability to pass diagonally.

Finally, the graphics have been upgraded to look sharper than ever before. New stadiums, player models, and animations have been added to make the game feel more realistic.

Advanced Dribbling

With many animations having been reworked, dribbling has become much more controlled. You’ll now be able to protect the possession of the ball more effectively, while also making it easier to retain control when attempting tricks with your player. Control is key here, as flicking on FIFA 21 was far too easy.

This means that you can now attempt intricate skills without fear of losing possession – if you time them right. It’s worth noting that some players will still struggle to get a touch on a pass or shot, but overall you should find yourself in better control than before. And don’t worry – all those fancy moves are still available if you want them!

Tactical Defending

One of the most important additions to FIFA 21 was tactical defending. This allowed gamers to better mark players in strategic ways rather than being locked into a single position. At first, it was tricky to get used to, but once you started changing markers constantly depending on where your opponent goes, things started becoming a whole lot easier.

Better Ball Physics

Ball physics plays a much bigger role in FIFA 22 than it did in previous editions. The new ball physics model produces more realistic movement, making balls spin, curve, bounce, and swerve as they would in real life. Also, get ready for perfectly-timed volleys!

This year’s game features better collision detection between players and ball carriers, meaning you’ll see fewer instances of players clipping through each other or passing through an opponent’s legs.

More Authentic Players

If you’re one of those people who gets super invested in their teams, but then hates it when there are no real athletes, good news. EA Sports has just unveiled a new feature: More authentic players. With only a few clicks, you can make all your favorite players look like they did while they were playing! Want Tom Brady to have blonde hair? Done. How about if you want Cam Newton to be white? Easy as pie!

New Graphics Engine

The next generation of EA SPORTS IGNITE engine powers a new era of gameplay, bringing players to life with emotions that are more human than ever before. The new engine will take gameplay to a whole new level, making every player unique and recognizable by their play style, as they control one-on-one matchups or perform on some of football’s biggest stages.


There you have it, five key differences between two of today’s biggest games. Some are more pronounced than others but when taken as a whole, these differences give you a glimpse into how games will be in five years. And if you think about it, that’s pretty crazy when you realize that many of today’s popular titles are still played by millions worldwide!

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