Goten vs. Gohan: Who is The Strongest?

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Goten and Gohan are the brothers of Goku and Vegeta, who are the main characters of Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball Super, respectively. Their father is none other than the legendary Saiyan warrior himself, Bardock. It’s hard to believe that these two brothers have been living right under Goku’s nose all this time without him knowing!

Like his younger brother, Goten has displayed incredible power in the past, even if he isn’t necessarily as strong as Gohan or some of the other characters in the series. Just how powerful are these two brothers? Find out below!

Who is Goten?

Everyone knows about Goku and Vegeta, but who’s the third member of the fabled “Trunks” family? That would be Goten, son of Gohan and Videl. He is a powerful young Saiyan with a quick wit and an easygoing nature. Along with his brothers Trunks and Bra, Goten is determined to follow in his parent’s footsteps and become the strongest fighter in the universe.

Although not as experienced as his brother, Goten has a very well-rounded fighting style and is easily a worthy opponent. He is adept at both flight and super speed, making him a difficult fighter to pin down. Goten has trained with Vegeta for most of his life, which gives him an immense amount of energy reserves and grants him a powerful move-set.

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Who is Gohan?

In the world of Dragon Ball, there are few families more celebrated than the Trunks family. The patriarch, Future Trunks, is a legendary hero who saved the world from destruction not once, but twice. His son, Goku Jr., carries on his legacy and is one of the most powerful fighters in the world.

But what about the third member of the family? The mysterious figure known as Pan has been a part of the Dragon Ball story for just as long as her more famous relatives, but she remains something of a mystery to fans. Who is Pan? What role does she play in the story? And why is she so important?

Normally, I wouldn’t even be able to consider going toe-to-toe with my older brother. But I can now access some of my latent potential by tapping into a single energy source. So you want to go down that route, too? Fine! Let’s see how it plays out. I guess we’ll have a two-on-one match then!

Which one is the Strongest? Goten vs. Gohan

In Dragon Ball, both Goten and Trunks are half-Saiyans that were brought up on a different planet, far away from earth. They were taught to fight by their father and they’re stronger than most people expect them to be. Many people can’t tell which one is stronger so I want to compare these two and find out who is truly stronger.

The rivalry between Gohan and Goten is one of the most iconic in all of Dragonball Z. Both boys are raised together by their mother Videl, and they share a close bond. They both develop powerful skills as they grow older, but it is their rivalry that truly defines them. Their battles are some of the most epic in all of DBZ and have often resulted in the saving of the world.

1. Early Life

Goku and Chi-Chi marry shortly after defeating Raditz. A year later, Goku meets his younger brother, Raditz, and brings him to Earth after finding out that he is working for Frieza. Soon afterward, an alien named Vegeta also arrives on Earth in pursuit of both Goku and Raditz. During a short scuffle with Goku, Raditz kills himself by blowing up in front of Piccolo, Gohan, and Goten, who had arrived moments before.

2. Teenage Years

Both Goten and Gohan were born in different years. While they’re close in age, there are some key differences between them. For starters, unlike his younger brother, Gohan is a prodigy and can read at an adult level by around five years old. He’s also taller and has lighter hair than Goten, but they both have similar facial features. This being said, we know very little about their childhood and adolescence to determine which one would win based on that alone.

3. Defeat Cell

Before we begin, I think it’s important to talk about one of Goku’s many feats. Over 10 years ago, Goku defeated Cell, a monster that had all seven Dragon Balls and was able to grant any wish (he could have wished for immortality and nigh-omnipotence). At that time, Goku was only in his mid-20s.

4. Defend Earth

While he may not be as strong as his older brother, Goten is a valuable asset to Earth, and still has plenty of fight in him. When faced with invading forces from Frieza, he trains harder than ever so that he can be ready for whatever comes his way. As such, we’re ranking him at #4 on our list of strongest Dragon Ball characters!

5. Physical Traits

Both of these powerful Saiyans possess incredible strength, speed, and ki (energy) capacity. But who’s stronger? The physical traits of both warriors are quite similar and seem relatively even, but there are a few aspects that give one fighter an edge over his counterpart. During their battle against each other in Dragon Ball Z, Goten told Gohan that he was at least twice as strong as him.

6. Personality Traits

Among all of his friends, Goten’s character is defined by his kindness. His desire to help others may be demonstrated in any number of ways, including helping Trunks find his jacket and even donating money to charity. He is also very curious and not afraid to ask silly questions or become involved in situations that seem weird or suspicious. Overall, he displays a great deal of innocence that remains throughout most of his adulthood, though it is mostly held back by anger and confusion at times when something serious happens.

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When it comes to DBZ, there is a lot of fandom for both characters. If we look at their stats and power levels, it would be unfair to say that either one of them has an edge over another. Both these characters have been able to defeat Goku who is considered invincible by many in Dragon Ball Z. However, due to lack of training, Goten had lost all his powers against Buu’s (unofficial) reincarnation Majin Boo.