Printful vs. Teespring: What’s the Difference?

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Overall, both platforms are comparable, but the primary differences are in terms of quality, cost, delivery, and services. So let’s have a conversation about it. Teespring vs. Printful is the most popular option, which we shall discuss briefly in this piece. At the same time, they have many similarities several key differences to consider while choosing between the two.

What is Printful?

Printful vs. Teespring

Printful has risen to global domination in the Print on Need game in the last several years, and it’s easy to see that because. Printful is a more complex and feature-rich system that includes a wide choice of high-quality items and industry-leading mockups that you can use to put your design on your store.

Printful is a social e-commerce online application platform where you can design products on demand and see how your design will look in the given item before printing on order.

How Does Printful Work?

Just submit the designs and list the output in your dashboard; Printful handles the printing and delivery, and you receive sales and earnings data.


  • Anyone with a computer can make and submit a design.
  • A fantastic tool for product designers.
  • Dashboard with analytics and a user-friendly interface


  • You must market your store and products manually.
  • The designing tool is insufficient.

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What is Teespring?

Printful vs. Teespring

Teespring is a no-cost, no-risk platform that allows you to design and sell over 50 different types of items. All you have to do now is Teespring is a no-cost, no-risk platform that will enable you to create and sell over 50 different kinds of things.

To post your designs onto Teespring (or sometimes even choose from their free designs), all you have to do is go to their website and upload them. It is particularly well-known and ideal for POD (Print on Demand) products, letting you develop your design and print it on demand.

How Does Teespring Work?

There are over 50 products to which you can apply your designs to boost your sales. And once you’ve designed the product and added it to your store, Teespring will take care of the rest, from printing to customer delivery.


  • Teespring is an entirely free service.
  • Anyone with a computer can make and submit a design.
  • Excellent tool for product designers


  • You must market your store and products manually.
  • There are fewer design tools available.

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Print vs. Teespring: Pricing

You’ll be given a base pricing for a product on Teespring; then, you may choose the item and design you want, set the price for the design, and keep all of the earnings. Similarly, a base pricing for a product is calculated on printful; you can then select the product and begin designing as desired, after which you can add your design price.

Aside from Teespring, the number of colors you use in your layout or the array of products you sell per listing have no bearing on your introductory price.

Printful vs. Teespring: Integrations

When searching for a print-on-order solution, the ability to integrate with other platforms is one of the most important characteristics to look for. Integration with your favorite site builder is a fantastic place to start if you want to add the designs you produce on Printful to your website.

Teespring also has several integration possibilities to assist you in selling as much as possible online. However, compared to Printful, the list of options is a little lower. The YouTube merch shelf is the first of Teespring’s integrations. If you have a specific number of subscribers, you can practically sell goods through YouTube.

Printful vs. Teespring: Fulfillment and Shipping Costs

The shipping and fulfillment procedure at Printful begins as soon as an order is confirmed. It could take up to 4 working days, according to Printful, which isn’t awful.

Teespring offers a similar method to shipping, charging varied rates depending on where you want your package to be delivered. There may be an additional charge based on what you want to sell. The shipping cost from Teespring is also determined by the items you wish to send.

Printful vs. Teespring: Customer Support

When buying new technology, excellent customer support is something you should always look for – even if you don’t think you’ll need it. If something wrong happens with a customer’s online store, Printful has a set of tools to aid them as promptly as possible.

Teespring adopts a similar approach to client satisfaction. A helpful team of support agents is dedicated to assisting the seller community. To get help or ask questions, you can reach the Teespring seller support staff at any time.

Printful vs. Teespring: Overall Features

Everything from personalizing your shop to linking your strategy with social media is simple with Printful’s sleek and structured backend. There are also a lot of eCommerce photographs to choose from to improve your branding alternatives.

Teespring, on the other hand, provides a very comparable experience. You may easily create mockups of your products utilizing the digital services supplied, which means you can market and sell your products rapidly. Teespring has an extensive FAQ to assist you in figuring out what was going on with your store, and there are a variety of printing options to pick from.

Printful vs. Teespring: Product Designs and Quality

The quality of the material is pleasant, but the spring product falls short when compared to other branded products. However, when the price and services are considered, the product appears to be excellent.

Similarly, the fabric quality on Printful is so similar that we can’t tell the difference between a branded and a Printful product. The product quality is good, and when compared to Teespring, the quality is comparable. Some products are better in print, while others are better in Teespring.

Teespring vs. Printful: How You Get Paid

Before addressing human involvement, we should mention that Printful has directive tools on its blog to assist customers through various use techniques. For example, a tutorial on how to start running eBay or other platforms, integrate print-on-demand services with multiple interfaces, etc.

Teespring, too, has a dedicated customer service crew that is quite nice to users. They prioritize the seller community, eager to respond to their questions and provide valuable comments. Within 24 hours, we will respond to any of your queries. Surprisingly, they are willing to take advice that will benefit you, even if it means referring you to your competitors.


Ultimately, reading this Teespring vs. Printful comparison will provide insight into what to expect in either situation if you seek to start your brand design. To eliminate your doubts, misunderstandings, and dilemmas, the paper highlights several distinctions and emphasizes similarities. Additionally, you can explore to gather additional information before deciding.

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