AdWords vs. AdSense

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AdWords are pay-per-click ads that appear on and other partner sites. The ads are matched to the content of the search results or site a user is viewing. In contrast, AdSense ads are compared to the content of a specific web page. AdWords ads appear as text links, image ads, and other formats.

What is AdWords?

AdWords vs. AdSense

Google AdWords is the pay-per-click advertising platform synonymous with online advertisement. Since AdWords launch in 2000, it has become one of the world’s largest money-making online platforms. However, it still faces stiff competition from similar services offered by Bing and Yahoo! Advertisers bid for placement based on keywords relevant to their target audience. Advertisers may also bid to have their ads placed at the top of the list of results displayed, a feature known as “Sponsored Links.”

Features of AdWords

  • AdWords allows  more targeting options
  • It is easier to use
  • AdWords is accessible to anyone who has a Google Account (free)
  • It’s possible to earn passive income using AdWords
  • AdWords provides more client connectivity

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What is AdSense?

AdWords vs. AdSense

Google AdSense is a website that allows its users to monetize their traffic by displaying ads on their website created by advertisers who want to market their products or services. These ads are managed, sorted, and maintained by Google. Websites that choose to display AdSense ads will receive a portion of the revenue generated each time a visitor visits to their site clicks on an ad. On average, Google AdSense yields lower returns than AdWords because advertisers pay only when potential customers click on ads.

Features of AdSense

  • You can submit your site and get approved within 2-4 weeks for monetization.
  • You can add several different types of ads such as text, images, gadgets, and video ads.
  • There are no keyword targeting options
  • It’s possible to earn less money using AdSense (due to the lack of targeted keywords)
  • It’s possible to earn passive income using AdSense.

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Comparison Chart between AdSense and AdSense

  1. Adwords is for people looking to promote their business, while Google Adsense helps the website publishers to generate revenue from a website.
  2. By using Google Adsense, You can monetize your website, Blog, or Forum, while With Google Adword, you can promote your online store or business.
  3. AdWords are text-based ads that appear with specific user search queries, while Google AdSense is a contextual advertising system that places ads on non-search partner sites.
  4. It is advertisements that appear in Google’s search results pages and the content network, while Google AdSense is an advertisement system for publishers to display targeted ads on their websites.
  5. AdWords costs are fixed and high in price, whereas Google AdSense ads are free to publish your content.
  6. In Googe Adsense, You need to verify your website to monetize ads, while in Google AdWords, you create an account and start promoting Your business.
  7. Adwords shows ads on SERPs (Search engine result pages), the content network, and Gmail. Google AdSense places ads on publishers’ websites
  8. Adwords and Adsense both serve a distinct purpose for advertisers and publishers.
  9. It is a pay-per-click system, whereas Adsense shares revenue according to the CPC and CPM.
  10. Adwords charges for clicks, whereas Google AdSense does not charge for clicks.
  11. It offer better visibility than Google AdSense.
  12. The main benefit of using AdWords is its targeting capabilities, whereas Adsense offers a free advertising solution for web admins.
  13. Non-search partners can place Google AdSense ads on their sites targeted to specific web content.
  14. AdWords appear with specific search queries made by users, while Google AdSense is a contextual advertising system that places ads on non-search partner sites.
  15. In AdWords, you can add more targeted keywords, but in Google Adsense, you cannot add any keywords.
  16. Adwords provides you better rank on the search Engine page, while Google Adsense gives you a position according to your website level on the Google SERPs.


Advertising with Google is a great way to get exposure for your business, whether you’re looking to acquire customers or want more web traffic. AdSense is ideal for website owners, while AdWords is perfect for companies looking to promote their products and services.

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