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A book and a novel are both types of literature, but there is a main difference between the two. A book is typically longer than a novel and can be divided into chapters. A novel is shorter than a book and does not usually have branches. A book can be anything from non-fiction, an instructional book to a novel. A novel is always fiction and is typically longer than a short story, and it may be divided into episodes.

What is Book?

Book vs. Novel

The term “book” has been used in various ways over the centuries. Initially, it referred to any writing, including scrolls and parchments. It is generally used to describe a volume bound between covers containing written or printed material. A book is usually considered more substantial than a pamphlet or leaflet. You can read a book to gain knowledge or to be entertained. Book mainly contains valuable knowledge and stories which are beneficial for society.

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What is a Novel?

Book vs. Novel

A novel is a longer work of fiction, usually occupying several hundred pages. It is generally divided into chapters and may be further subdivided into sections or scenes. Unlike a book, which may be any length, a novel is usually at least 40,000 words long. Novels are sometimes written in serial form, appearing in installments in magazines or newspapers. Like, Charles Dickens wrote many of his novels this way

Key Differences Between Book and Novel

There are several key differences between books and novels.

  1. A book is typically longer than a novel.
  2. A book is more expensive to produce than a novel.
  3. Books are often used in schools, while novels are not.
  4. Books are typically more serious in tone than novels.
  5. A book can be divided into chapters, while a novel typically does not have
  6. A book is a non-fiction work, while a novel is a work of fiction. This is the main difference between the two.
  7. A book typically contains factual information, while a novel is filled with imaginary stories and characters.
  8. Book also tends to be longer than a novel, as it needs to cover more topics. Novels are usually focused on one story and told more concisely.
  9. That being said, there are many exceptions to these rules. Some books are fiction, while some novels are quite short. And while most novels are divided into chapters, some books are not.
  10. Book is a more general term, while the novel is a more specific type of book.
  11. A book can be read in one sitting, while a novel usually requires more time to read.
  12. A book is a more permanent form of literature, while a novel may be published in a magazine or newspaper.

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There are many differences between a book and a novel. However, the main difference is that a book is typically non-fiction while a novel is a fiction. A book typically contains factual information, while a novel contains made-up stories. Overall, both books and novels have their unique purposes and benefits.

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