Burgundy vs Maroon – What’s the Difference?

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Red is a vibrant color representing energy, passion, brilliance, courage, and daring. There are many various colors of red available, including crimson, scarlet, maroon, burgundy, and others. There are so many different shades of red that it might be challenging to recall the name of each one.

People are particularly perplexed by the differences between maroon and burgundy, and even those who believe that both colors are interchangeable and, as a result, use the phrases interchangeably.

However, although maroon and burgundy may appear similar, YOu will discuss significant variances in this article.

What is Burgundy?


Burgundy is a deep red color similar to maroon, which causes many people to be perplexed. On the other hand, it is a lighter shade of red than the deep red of maroon and has a tint of purple, which is the consequence of blending a blue hue with a red color.

The Burgundy hue was named after the Burgundy wine produced in the same name-brand region in France, where it was first discovered. The rich crimson color of this wine was responsible for the shade’s name being given to it. In 1881, the color burgundy was designated as the first time you used it to describe a shade of red.

It’s worth noting that when burgundy is used to denote a color, there is no capitalization in the spelling of the color name. The color burgundy is the most popular choice among women regarding lipsticks and hair dyes.

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What is Maroon?


Maroon is a color or, more specifically, a shade of red that is extremely deep. However, the brown and red are mixed to produce this particular tint of orange. The word maroon is derived from the French word marron, which means chestnut in English.

The term “red” was first used in English dictionaries in 1791 to refer to a particular shade of red. Maroon is the color of the robes worn by Buddhist monks who follow the Vajrayana school of thought.

It is also the official color of numerous institutions and sports teams worldwide. Dark crimson in its purest form, maroon can be described as a deep, intense hue.

Comparison Chart between Burgundy vs Maroon

Maroon Burgundy
The color maroon is a deep shade of red that is near to the hue of brown. Bougainvillea refers to a deep shade of crimson that is close to purple in hue.
Shads Darker and more in-depth Increasingly brighter and lighter
HEX code Having a #800000 code.                 Having a #800020 code.
Symbole The color maroon represents bravery and self-sacrifice. Burgundy is a color that represents power, money, and prosperity.


We hope that now that you can describe the differences between Burgundy and maroon to anyone, you will feel confident wearing them, and winter is the best time to start! However, while burgundy and maroon are both deep red in hue, burgundy has a purplish tinge, while maroon has a brownish tinge.

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