Hay Day vs. FarmVille – Differences & Comparison

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Farming is a well-known physical activity that makes people more active and interactive. Moreover, farming is vital in developing agricultural countries, where people earn their bread and butter by planting different crops and breeding populations. The virtual feeling may be another thing.

Main Difference

In this era, there are a lot of platforms where consumers can get the experience of farming virtually. Hay Day and FarmVille are popular farming games that give the experience of natural farming in the form of animations.

Despite many similarities, Hay Day and FarmVille are pretty different. Hay Day has a more realistic farming simulation compared to FarmVille which has a wider variety of social gaming activities.

What is Hay Day?

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Hay Day is one of the best farming games that provides an environment of farming where consumers can plant different plants and grow them. Supercell, which is compatible with smartphones, developed it. This is very helpful for learning farming skills.

Moreover, consumers can learn how to harvest crops, raise livestock, produce goods, and interact with others. In addition, players can interact with different players and learn about their experiences. This app is free to download. Most of its features are free. However, some game-in purchases are also available.


  • Easy to access
  • Free download
  • Farming techniques
  • Goods production
  • Farm management
  • Easy to control

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What is FarmVille?

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FarmVille is a virtual farming game that Zynga developed. Zynga launched its first version in collaboration with Facebook in 2009. Farmville provides a virtual farming environment where players plant, manage, and harvest different crops.

Moreover, this platform offers several tools and techniques to learn farming skills. Millions of players are playing this fantastic game. Users must gather and sell other crops on the game store, where they earn game coins. With the help of these coins, they can unlock more features and enhance their skills.


  • Tasks assignments
  • Easy to play
  • HD graphics
  • Easy to access
  • Farming and production techniques
  • Regular seasons

Key Differences between Hay Day and FarmVille

  1. Hay Day was developed by Supercell, while Zynga developed FarmVille.
  2. Hay Day is available on iOS and Android devices, whereas FarmVille is available on FaceBook and smartphones.
  3. Hay Day teaches farming and trading skills, while FarmVille teaches the skills of farm expansion and task completion.
  4. Hay Day is easier to play as compared to FarmVille.
  5. Hay Day has a vibrant art style, whereas FarmVille has an unmistakable art style.
  6. Hay Day has cartoon graphics, whereas FarmVille has realistic graphics.

Comparison Table of Hay Day vs. FarmVille

Feature           Hay Day FarmVille
Developer Supercell Zynga
Graphics Cartoonish Realistic
Art style Vibrant Detailed
Compatible with iOS and Android Facebook and Smartphones


Both Hay Day and FarmVille give different playing experiences to those who love the games of simulation and agriculture. In a more detailed manner, Hay Day is inclined towards realism in farming, where players can interact with almost everything around them, while FarmVille attracts a large number of people through its simplicity and social networking facilities. If you want an engaging but difficult agricultural adventure, then I would recommend HayDay for you; however, if what interests you is casual fun and making friends while playing games, then go for Farmville instead. Ultimately, it all boils down to individual gameplay styles as well as interaction preferences between these two games, i.e., which one suits you best? Try out both options before settling on any single game—see what works according to your particular gaming preference.


Q: Can I play Hay Day and FarmVille on the same device?

A: Yes, you may play both games on mobile devices.

Q: Which game has better graphics, Hay Day or FarmVille?

A: In terms of graphic quality and attention to detail in farm design, Hay Day is superior to FarmVille.

Q: Are there any major differences in gameplay between Hay Day and FarmVille?

A: Yes, in comparison with FarmVille where players mainly manage crops as well as resources; in Hay Day they can engage more directly with their farms as well as animals.

Q: Is it possible to trade or interact with other players in both games such as Hay Day vs Farmville?

A: Both games enable users to trade goods, visit each other’s farms and help out with tasks through social features.

Q: Which game offers more customization options?

A: When it comes down to customizing your farm layout and buildings; hay day provides a wider range of choices than its counterpart farmville does.

Q: Are there any in-game purchases in Hay Day and FarmVille?

A: Both games have optional in-app purchases that allow players buy virtual currency or items required for faster progression within the game itself.

Q: Is there a competitive aspect to playing Hay Day and FarmVille?

A: In leaderboards rankings for casual farming simulations while friends’ cooperation is emphasized during gameplay among others

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